mercoledì 25 marzo 2015

Wall Street near future

Will Wall Street near future be lateral? This question may arise looking at the Nasdaq100 graphic with two-time frames, the average trend time frame and the shortest Waves time frame. On the left, we can see a simple scheme with 3 supports and 2 divergences which brings to a market correction or much better adjustment. The second part of the graph on the right is actually more complex with 4 divergences and still three the supports. Furthermore the support line and the  divergence 4 is not yet closed so that it look like we are in an intermediate market phase before an eventual correction which can last 3 months. If I perform the same analysis with the longer time frames of long term trend I get the same result. Anyway, this is the result of a trend analysis which can change facing problems like an unwanted eventual Greek exit or another Oil price crash, therefore my Blog checks every day if the trend continues or the trend changes.

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